16 Hour CCW Classes

Please read the following information before purchasing a CCW class:

Dear Customer,

The following must be provided for admittance into the course:

    1. State ID
    2. FOID Card
    3. Firearm to be used to qualify*
    4. 30 rounds of ammunition**
    5. Eye and ear protection

Please do not bring the ammunition and firearm into the classroom until instructed to do so. The firearm must be in a case/box, range bag, or they must remain in your vehicle. Magazines must be unloaded so we can check for steel case and steel core ammunition.

Per the Illinois Concealed Carry Act, course participants are only allowed one qualifying attempt to graduate the course. High Caliber Training Center will not refund course fees for any participant that fails the qualification shoot or disregards instructor safety instructions. The option to re-shoot the qualification on a later date is given per the instructor. The State of Illinois charges $150 plus tax for applying to obtain your CCL.

For those participants desiring to include LiveScan fingerprints with their applications, Digital Synergy will be on-site prior to the start of the second day of the class, unless otherwise announced. The fee is $50, a special price for High Caliber Training Center students, with digital scanning of certificates and application assistance available for a $40 fee.

A representative from US Law Shield will attend to consult about CCW insurance.

Please provide at least 72 hour notice if you are going to be unable to attend this course. Email is the preferred method of contact. High Caliber also reserves the right to cancel courses due to a lack of attendance and concealed carry courses have minimum participant requirements. High Caliber will work with customers unable to attend and giving proper notice, or inconvenienced by cancellation, to register them for the next available Illinois Concealed Carry Course at no additional charge.

As a reminder, the classes will meet at the range at 1414 Triumph Dr., Urbana, IL 61802. The range is roughly a mile north from the 1-74 intersection traveling north. It is the first left turn after Airport Road and the facility is located right behind the Bobcat building.

High Caliber Training Center

* Firearms may be inspected to evaluate working condition.
** All ammunition is subject to inspection and requirements for use on the range.

16 Hour CCW Class - 2/05/2022 -2/06/2022 8am-5pm

16 Hour CCW Class - 2/05/2022 -2/06/2022 8am-5pm

Dear Customer,The following must be provided for admittance into the course:    ..

$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00

16 Hour CCW Class - 2/21/2022-2/25/2022 6pm-10pm

16 Hour CCW Class - 2/21/2022-2/25/2022 6pm-10pm


$200.00 Ex Tax: $200.00

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